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Since launching Merit we’ve facilitated thousands of mentorship moments that unlock critical career lessons in private one-on-one conversations. We’re proud of the connections formed and the careers unblocked — but we believe we can do more to facilitate our mission of enabling career growth for anyone in tech.

A big part of Merit is stories. The story of how you got the promotion, or how you knew it was time to leave your job. Or the story of how you found your confidence in a new role — or how you earned the confidence of your team.

Stories are messy — and that’s good. In an industry that changes as fast as tech, the only way we can help each other advance is by sharing our stories with each other. Our successes, our failures, and the lessons learned along the way.

One small step we can take towards this goal is distilling these stories into lessons to make it easy for anyone to learn and grow their own careers. So much of the tech industry coverage focuses on companies, founders, and investors. Little time is spent on those doing the work and what it’s like to actually build a career in this fascinating industry.

Our view is that fixing this gap will unblock many, many more people on their professional journeys. We think sharing these lessons can help provide useful guidance on critical career moments and give examples and role models in the tech industry that others can look towards on their own journey.

On this blog, you’ll find our lessons around navigating your career, career pivots, job searching, skill-building, mentorship, and much more. And as long as we keep learning lessons along the way, we’ll keep publishing what we discover.

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