The Best Tech Newsletters 2024: Keeping you ahead of the career curve

The Best Tech Newsletters 2024: Keeping you ahead of the career curve

Newsletters can do more than fill up your inbox. In fact, with a strategic and curious approach, newsletters can be one of the best tools for expanding and progressing your tech career.

Especially in an industry like tech — rapidly changing, often front page news, and relevant across other fields — having a perspective on what’s happening outside the day-to-day or your specific company is a differentiating skill.

Newsletters allow you to broaden your intellectual horizons while offering new opportunities to meet and connect with people in the extended world of tech.

Newsletters Make You Smarter

Newsletters are a convenient and effective way to stay on top of what’s happening in the tech world. They can exist across the spectrum from serving as a digest of current events to offering in-depth perspectives on industry-related topics. By regularly consuming newsletters with various purposes from several sources, you can start to develop your own perspective on the tech world. An informed and distinct perspective like this is ultimately useful in both your personal and professional growth — allowing others to see you as an expert (or at least an inquisitive and engaged colleague).

Newsletters Help You Meet People

Newsletters also act as a low-key networking tool, providing access to valuable connections and opportunities within the tech community. Many newsletters include invitations to industry events, conferences, and webinars where professionals can network with peers, thought leaders, and potential collaborators. These events are focused opportunities to build meaningful and productive relationships that could lead to new career prospects. Additionally, newsletters often feature profiles of influential figures or companies, offering valuable points of contact for networking and mentorship.

Several newsletters frequently highlight job openings, freelance opportunities, and consulting gigs within the tech industry, making them a great place to find your next job. They might also spotlight emerging startups or innovative ventures, giving you a head start on some of the innovations happening in the tech world.

Even just reading newsletters is an opportunity to grow your influence — by staying informed, building your network, and exposing yourself to new and niche ideas in tech, you’re actively increasing your footprint in the industry!

Take a look at our compilation of the best tech newsletters below:

General Tech Industry News and Commentary

  • The Pragmatic Engineer: The number one tech publication on Substack, and perhaps the most-read newsletter for engineers. Gergely Orosz shares weekly takes on engineering management and actionable advice for people working at tech companies.
  • Garbage Day: A Webby Award-winning newsletter about “having fun online.” Recent topics include how TikTok is actually for millennials and the perils of AI-generated search, i.e. who makes money when AI reads the internet for us?
  • Feed Me: Emily Sundberg, an NYC-based writer, combines culture and business in this daily newsletter about how people are spending their money. From scams to unicorns to buzzy new apps — subscribe to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in tech and beyond. focused newsletter that takes a reflection on how people are spending their money.

Career growth-focused

  • Lenny’s Newsletter: A weekly advice column tackling reader questions about product, career growth, and pretty much anything else happening day-to-day at your tech job. Includes several editions about building products, go-to-market strategy, benchmarks and metrics, and more.
  • Andrew Yeung’s Newsletter: A leading newsletter in tech, covering everything from how to have a good coffee chat, to initiating a personal audit — all from the perspective of an ex-product leader at Google and Facebook.
  • The Career Whispers: A weekly specifically focused on tech jobs: how to get one, how to navigate them, and thriving in your role. Read for tips on building your resume, crafting high-signal questions for interviewers, and red flags versus green flags in the interview process.

Start-Up Insights and Reflections

  • Venture Reflections: Charles Hudson on the dynamics in start-up and venture capital ecosystems. Processing start-up failure, business models of capital providers, and more.
  • Demand Curve: Top strategies and tactics used by fast-growing start-ups in a weekly digest, with a focus on marketing activities.
  • Safe For Work: A human spin on tech from a founder/CEO. SFW shares perspectives on building great start-ups specifically by growing the power of its people. Topics include lessons in hiring, regular “founder psychology” meditations, and “cultivating” versus “acquiring” talent.

Communities and Forums

  • Houck’s Newsletter: A newsletter and beyond. Houck’s is chock full of tactical advice helping founders build, grow, and raise capital — both via email and also in the form of an online community of over 75k start-up builders asking questions and sharing advice. “Delivering content that makes you smarter as a founder in five minutes or less.”
  • The Founder Playbook: A newsletter by Hustle Fund, this particularly emphasizes fundraising and scaling start-ups. Resources for founders and visibility to Angels, this is the best intersection of answering your questions and sharing insights you didn’t know you needed.
  • Everything Marketplaces: A community with thousands of posts where marketplace founders and operators share insights, ask questions and help each other. The community is organized to navigate conversations by stage, marketplace type, specific topics, and more.

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