Top 9 Places to Find Your Next Tech Job

Nine tech-specific resources across job boards, newsletters, and professional networks with top access to the newest roles.

Top 9 Places to Find Your Next Tech Job

There are a million steps to take when embarking on a job search: figuring out your career plan; updating your resume; building your network; and building yourself a foundation that supports optionality rather than a blind lurch.

A straightforward and targeted approach to actually finding available jobs is the best way to save your mental space for the actual job pursuit.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of everything outside of LinkedIn and Indeed that will help you find interesting new roles and companies — with a specific focus on the tech industry. Happy hunting!

Job Boards

Job boards are an invaluable resource for browsing a wide array of job opportunities, making them indispensable for job seekers looking to understand the breadth of available positions. However, the very feature that makes job boards so useful—their extensive listings—can also turn searching into a daunting task. The sheer volume of options can overwhelm applicants, making it challenging to sift through and identify the most relevant and promising opportunities. This paradox is a common experience for many navigating these platforms, where the abundance of choices requires careful filtering and strategic searching to manage effectively.

These job boards offer a more targeted selection of listings for tech workers, making them the ideal place to identify an available position before they get lost in the feed:

  1. This site focuses on tech job listings and offers a unique feature where you can see salary ranges upfront. It's geared towards tech professionals who want to make informed decisions based on potential earnings. The site caters to both job seekers and employers, providing detailed job descriptions and company profiles.
  2. Wellfound: Wellfound is a platform specifically designed for startups and those seeking opportunities within them. It provides job listings, company information, and the ability to connect directly with founders. This site is ideal for software engineers interested in early-stage companies and startup environments.
  3. Diversify Tech is dedicated to connecting marginalized folks in tech with career opportunities. It offers resources, scholarships, and job listings tailored to increase diversity in the tech industry. This site is particularly valuable for underrepresented groups in tech looking for supportive communities and job opportunities that value diversity.
  4. Careers at Precursor VC: Often, investors will run their own job boards for the companies in their portfolio companies. This board is managed by Precursor Ventures and is designed to connect job seekers with opportunities across their portfolio companies. It's suitable for those interested in working in venture-backed startups and offers a range of positions from technical roles to business development.


Professional networking sites provide a platform for folks to showcase their professional profiles, connect with peers, and directly interact with potential employers. Of course, there’s also the benefit of engaging with content related to your field, joining industry- and role-specific groups, and receiving endorsements.

However, from a job-seeking perspective, the most valuable aspect of a networking site is direct access to recruiters and hiring managers. Recruiters use networking sites to find and pursue potential candidates related to topics being discussed or skills listed, and connections regularly become hiring managers.

LinkedIn might feel like a vast universe of potential connections, which is why we’ve picked these sites that focus on certain industries or communities, increasing your visibility and access to open roles:

  1. Merit: Merit is a mentorship site specifically aimed at democratizing access to careers in tech. You can connect with mentors from top tech companies to discuss anything from prototyping products to managing a productive and happy team. What makes Merit special is that you can also upload your resume to your profile, allowing you twofold access: first to tech leaders and their expertise, and then to recruiters using the highly-specific community to find their next hire.
  2. Draftboard: Draftboard crowdsources the referral bonus, incentivizing its members to share open roles. By making the bonus public and claimable by anyone, this network gives everyday people an easy way to help people they know find new jobs.

Industry Influencers

Following industry influencers on platforms like Twitter/X and Threads, LinkedIn, or through their blogs and newsletters can be another strategic move for job seekers. These influencers often share insider information, job postings, and unique opportunities within their networks that may not be widely advertised elsewhere. By engaging with their content, you can gain early access to new roles and increase your visibility within your industry. Moreover, influencers typically highlight emerging trends and valuable insights, which can help you tailor your job search and application materials to better meet the needs of prospective employers, thus enhancing your chances of standing out in a competitive job market.

  1. Ben Lang: a former founder with ins at various up-and-coming tech companies. Regularly posts about new and impressive start-ups in tech.
  2. The Pragmatic Engineer: Gergely Orosz is a longtime voice in the tech community, with The Pragmatic Engineer being a leading industry blog and newsletter. While this post, specifically, discusses why he shut down his job board, he outlines his rationale for highlighting jobs — and now regularly does so in his newsletter and community.
  3. Houck’s Newsletter: Regularly highlights new and interesting tech start-ups as well as leaders in tech, making it a great place to find your next company and uncover otherwise hidden roles.

Finding a job is a constant process — this list can help.

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