Announcing: Candidate Profiles

Members of the Merit community can now create a candidate profile that’s visible to recruiters who are looking for diverse, qualified tech talent.

Through mentorship sessions, both mentors and members show that they know how to ask for—and receive—help. As a result, Merit users are already in the top 10% of applicants.

Recruiters on Merit are committed to cultivating and retaining diverse tech teams. They know to look to Merit’s talent network as a place to source great product management, software engineering, and product design candidates.


How can I create my candidate profile?

To get started, visit your Merit account and click “Create a candidate profile” under “🔍 Job search.” Once you’ve indicated that you’re searching for a job, you’ll be able to upload a resume, add job experience, and indicate preferences for the roles you’re interested in.

Pro tip: Increase your likelihood of a reachout by adding your resume or portfolio under “📝 Work Experience.”

Who can see my candidate profile?

With a candidate profile on Merit, you’ll be part of a network that recruiters can look to when searching for talent.

Only recruiters who are actively sourcing on Merit will be able to view your profile. If a recruiter is interested in reaching out to you about an opportunity, the Merit team will contact you.

You can prevent current employers from seeing your profile within your settings under "🙈 Blocked Companies."


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