New: Connect Multiple Calendars to Your Account

At Merit, we’re always trying to improve the mentor experience. Whether that’s by facilitating connections or making it easy to configure your account, we’re looking for ways to make mentorship easy and seamless.

With this philosophy in mind, we’ve added the ability to connect your Merit account to multiple calendars to check for conflicts. This way, when Merit displays sessions on your mentor profile, you’re not shown as available whenever you have a meeting, appointment, or other commitment.

Many of us don’t keep everything on one calendar: we spread it out across a work calendar, a personal calendar, maybe even a shared account with a friend or significant other. And while we may be able to view them all in one place, thanks to calendar sharing, many scheduling apps only let you check for conflicts against one account.

Setting up multiple calendars

Connecting your calendar is easy:

  1. Visit Calendar Settings at the top of your Mentor Settings in Merit.
  2. Click "Sync Google Calendar."
  3. Select the account you'd like to connect.
  4. Click all the checkboxes on the authorization screen. Click "Continue."
  5. To add additional calendars, repeat steps 2 through 4.  

First, go to Calendar Settings at the top of the page in your Mentor Settings.

Then, click “Sync Google Calendar” and select the account you'd like to connect.

A screenshot of Merit mentor settings with a button to "Sync Google Calendar" and a warning box saying "Not checking for calendar conflicts"

Be sure to check all the boxes on the screen to ensure proper syncing and click “Continue.”

A screenshot of the Google authorization screen with four checkboxes. Three are default checked in gray; one is manually selected in blue.

To add another calendar, click the “Sync Google Calendar” button again and repeat the process as many times as you need for all the calendars you want to check against.

To remove a calendar, click the red “X” to the left of the email address.

Now, your Merit mentor profile will reflect your availability, helping you avoid reschedules or missed sessions.

Never miss a session. Mentorship made easy.

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